You Can Restore the Presence of Multiple Missing Teeth with a Dental Implant Bridge

If you’ve lost multiple teeth in one area of your mouth, it can pose a number of serious complications for your oral health and function. Beyond the significant loss of function, it can mar your physical appearance, cause you to slur your words and even alter the alignment of the... Read more »

Modest-Sized Cavities Can Often Be Repaired by a Standard Filling

An inconsistent oral hygiene routine or the lack of regular attendance at your dental checkups at Dido Kim greatly increases your chances of developing cavities. If it is detected early, your dentist, Dr. Dido Kim, can repair most small cavities with a standard dental filling. Your dentist will first conduct... Read more »

Crafting a Naturally White Smile Is Easier Than You Think

The more we try to craft a naturally white smile, the easier it becomes. If you have never brushed or flossed your teeth, or you constantly drink teeth-staining liquids, it will be harder to achieve a set of pearly whites. If you have been caring for your teeth, and simply... Read more »

If You’ve Been Told Not to Floss, Do it Anyways

Several years ago, several sensational articles began circulating the internet claiming that there was no longer a need to floss, according to a scientific study. There was a particular study that these articles cited. It was a meta-study, analyzing the results of other studies that had been done. They concluded... Read more »

Teeth Whitening Treatment by Professionals

Deep stains on your smile can leave you feeling self-conscious. The depth and degree of the stains will influence the whitening method Dr. Dido Kim recommends. If you’ve been unimpressed with the whitening products sold in stores, or if your teeth are deeply stained, he will likely recommend a dental... Read more »

Explaining Dental Crowns

You probably have more than one friend who’s had to get a crown, but you likely don’t fully understand why they needed one or what the point of a crown even is. Don’t worry, though - many people don’t understand crowns. That’s why Dr. Dido Kim wanted to share his... Read more »

Tooth Friendly Treats

We all know how important it is to eat healthily, but we rarely make the connection between a healthy diet and healthy teeth. The fact of the matter is, the healthier food you eat, the healthier your teeth - and your entire oral health - will be. So let’s take... Read more »

Treating a Cracked Tooth

Even though your natural tooth enamel is very hard there are some rare situations where a hard fall or a blow to the face can crack a tooth. The severity of the crack and injury to the surrounding tissues will dictate the treatment and restoration options available to you. At... Read more »

Your Temporary Crown Requires Thoughtful Care

There are two different phases to having Dr. Dido Kim restore a tooth with a crown. Once the abutment is formed during the first appointment, there will be a brief wait, while the dental lab prepares your permanent crown. To protect the abutment Dr. Dido Kim secures a hard plastic... Read more »

How to Maintain Your White Smile with Whitening Toothpaste

A white and winning smile serves you well in many business and social settings. Unfortunately, there are many things in the world today that can stain your teeth and dull the luster of your smile,  like the natural effects of aging and the staining effects of dark foods and beverages.... Read more »