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If you are currently wearing braces, you know that you need to take good care of them and make sure to continue your scheduled dental cleanings. But what happens if you are enjoying your Thanksgiving turkey and something happens to a wire or bracket?

Whether you have traditional metal bracket and wire braces, ceramic braces or lingual braces they represent a serious investment in improving the form and function of your mouth.  If something breaks, comes loose or comes out of alignment it can potentially increase the total time required to meet your personal alignment goals. If something does break or comes loose, you should see your orthodontist as soon as possible to assess the situation.

When you first started wearing braces you received a special wax. It’s a good idea to keep this readily available as it can help you in several different situations.

The metal brackets attach to each tooth using a resin based adhesive. If a bracket comes loose and irritates your cheek or gums you can secure it inside the wax.  Wires can also break or come loose and can be protected with the wax.

Spacers can sometimes fall out if you are due for an upcoming adjustment. In some cases they won’t need immediate attention.  If one of the metal bands or spacers comes loose don’t try to put it back on.  Call your orthodontist as soon as possible and to determine if it needs to be cemented back on.

If you have something broken on your braces please don’t delay, schedule an appointment with your orthodontist and get your smile back on track.

As always, keep your scheduled dental cleanings so we can make sure to keep your smile bright and healthy! We can be reached at 201-854-5500. Enjoy your holiday feasting and have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!