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Keep your smile healthy all summer long by eating and drinks safe products. The diet you follow plays a large role in your overall oral health care. Be mindful of foods and drinks that seek to destroy your tooth enamel and devastate your oral health. Listed below are common foods and drinks you should avoid to ensure your smile will remain wonderful:

Acidic Foods:

– Acidic foods are known contributors to dental damage in the form of dental erosion. Acidic foods to avoid include tomatoes and citrus fruits.

Sticky or Chewy Foods:

– Sticky and chewy foods are known contributors to tooth decay and gum disease, as they can linger around your teeth and gums for long periods of time and can be difficult to wash away. Sticky foods to avoid include gummy candies.

Hard Foods:

– Hard foods can potentially spell disaster for your teeth, including physical damage to your smile. Hard foods can chip or crack your smile easily.

Sugary Sweets:

– Sugary sweets are known contributors of dental erosion and cavities. Sugars can eat through tooth enamel and should be avoided whenever possible.

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