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Are you aware of potential risk factors in your diet that could be leading to a further risk of dental damage? Have you ever suffered any dental damage from products you eat and consume or drinks that you chug down? To help keep your smile safe, be aware of their ingredients and how they could be damaging your smile without your awareness. Consider implementing a dietary tooth hazard prevention plan to keep your smile safe, so your mouth can continue to function effectively for many years to come.

Tooth hazard risks in the form of using your teeth for any task for which they are not assigned is known to cause several forms of dental damage. Dentists cannot warn people enough about the hazards associated with ever trying to open products with your teeth. Your teeth are not designed for anything other than chewing food, and every time you try to use them for other activities, you run a high risk of damaging them. Even opening bottles with your teeth can set back your oral health decades if an oral accident should occur. To keep your smile safe, never use your teeth for opening any kind of products.

In terms of your diet, you’re going to want to avoid products that are hard, as they can easily chip and crack your teeth. Because sugars and starches can be broken down into harmful acids that will eat through your tooth enamel, you should limit their consumption. Products such as potato chips, fruit juice, sports drinks, soda, candy, energy drinks and protein bars often feature some form of starch or sugar that can easily damage your teeth and gums.

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