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People with a bad habit of chewing on pencils and pens, or crunching on ice are often at increased risk of suffering a fractured molar or premolars. A similar threat is also posed by grinding your teeth at night without the use of a protective dental guard.

If the biting surface of a tooth hasn’t been compromised, Dr. Dido Kim might be able to repair the compromised tooth enamel with a metallic amalgam dental filling. This material is created from a blend of dental metals that are dark in color and known for durability.

The treatment process calls for Dr. Dido Kim to remove a minute amount of surrounding tooth enamel to prepare a surface that will help bond the metallic amalgam in place.

Once the dental filling has been cured and bonded to the tooth enamel with a special ultraviolet light it will sufficiently restore the original structural integrity of the tooth for many years.

Going forward you might also want to consider addressing the underlying cause of the chip or dental fracture. Curtailing bad habits or sleeping with a dental guard in your mouth can help save other teeth from unnecessary damage, and might also help preserve your newly repaired tooth.

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