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Recover your smile with a tooth replacement treatment. Your options include dentures, dental implants, and dental bridges. All three treatments are safe and effective and come with a wide array of benefits. For more information about the three tooth replacements, consider the following:

– Dentures are created to be a highly effective form of tooth replacement that can be removed when necessary to be cleaned and soaked in a denture washing solution. Dentures can be created for a single tooth, called partial dentures, or a complete row of teeth, called complete dentures.
– Dental implants are robust tooth replacements often noted for the hold they can create in your mouth, which in many ways is stouter than your natural teeth. Implants are directly connected to your jawbone, and thanks to a process called osseointegration, the hold between the bone and implant will only grow tougher over time, not weaker.
– Dental bridges are exciting products for tooth replacements because they are not held in place with a paste as dentures are, or by connecting to the jawbone like implants do, but rather by building a bond between pre-existing teeth and hold fast through them.

No matter the tooth replacement you desire, Dr. Dido Kim and our team at Dido Kim is here to give you the smile you want. If you would like to schedule an appointment to come see us at our dentist office in North Bergen, New Jersey, please contact us at 201-854-5500 to speak with a member of our team. Visit us today, and enjoy the season with a smile!