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Toothpaste allergies are very unusual, but they certainly do occur. Here are four common allergic reactions to toothpaste:

-Alterations to the mouth: You may notice that your teeth and gums are rather sensitive, especially after brushing. Your tongue may swell up. Or perhaps you’ll see redness or feel sores in your mouth that don’t go away.

-Skin changes outside the mouth: Your lips may be cracked or the corners around your mouth may redden.

-Hives or Body Rashes: It’s feasible that you may see hives or skin rashes appear anywhere on your body – not just your head area.

-Anaphylactic Shock: Your body may swell up in unpredictable places. If that swelling occurs close to your throat or tongue and blocks your airways, you might go into anaphylactic shock where you experience stomach pain, blood pressure drops, and difficulty swallowing or breathing. If this happens, get medical health as soon as possible.

Here are some typical toothpaste ingredients that cause allergic reactions: flavorings, such as cinnamon and mint, preservatives like propylene glycol and parabens), foaming agents such as cocamidopropyl betaine and sodium laurly sulfate, essential oils or antibacterials including propolis or tea tree oil), and finally, fluoride.

Be aware that the signs of a toothpaste allergy can be very similar to allergies to completely different products. Visit an allergist or general practitioner to help you narrow down what is causing your allergic reaction. If you already know you are allergic to your toothpaste, talk to Dr. Dido Kim and his associates at Dido Kim in North Bergen, New Jersey. We can help you find an alternative way to take care of your teeth. Call us at 201-854-5500.