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Do you have any broken or damaged teeth? Although you can live with broken teeth, the risk comes from any unsealed cracks or fractures in the tooth enamel. Even with microscopic fractures, bacteria can enter teeth and damage the pulp, resulting in a tooth infection and eventual tooth loss. Fortunately, there are plenty of tooth restoration treatments available that can restore damaged teeth including dental crowns.

The days of broken teeth are in the past thanks to modern-day dental crowns. Dental crowns are highly effective restoration treatments that exist to fix teeth by covering them down to the gum line. This ensures that a tooth will not be damaged in the future. In addition, because it will be fully covered, the look of the tooth can be adjusted as necessary.

Dental crowns are extremely durable and capable of lasting up to 2 decades or even longer. They can restore lost functions and cover up old treatments including root canals. Dental crowns can also cap and conceal implants and bridges as well as bind together teeth and fill in spaces where there is not enough tooth remaining to hold a dental filling by itself.

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