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Gargle and spit: mouthwash is easy, right? Think it or not, using mouthwash is a little bit more complicated than that. (But once you get down the steps, it really isn’t tough at all.) We’ve amassed a few instructions to help you in getting the most out of your mouthwash-swishing sessions.

Used suitably, mouthwash can be a robust part of any oral hygiene routine. To use mouthwash, dispense about 20 ml of the fluid into a cup. Transfer the mouthwash from the cup into your oral cavity and swish, gargle, or hold it in your oral cavity for around half of a minute before spitting it out into the sink. Do not rinse out the mouthwash with water, and refrain from eating or drinking for 30 minutes after rinsing with mouthwash.

Some people believe that rinsing with mouthwash is a shortcut to a totally clean oral cavity, but that’s not the whole story. Even though mouthwash can help you enhance your oral health, brushing twice per day and flossing once per day are still key habits key to any good oral hygiene routine. Never skip brushing your and flossing your chompers and gums.

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